Coast Makespace

A place for Makers on the Sunshine Coast of BC

Become a founder of the Coast MakeSpace

Coast Makers has big plans for two MakeSpaces on the coast, one in Gibsons and another in Sechelt.

Plans for these MakeSpaces are currently just dreams. However we have a great team of very energetic and competent people, we are confident that we will make this dream a reality.

A cornerstone feature planned for our make spaces are weekly drop-in times for children of members. During drop-in times there will be trained and vetted staff who will supervise youth and help guide them in their maker projects.

Join the team and become a "Founding Member" of the Coast Make Space!

  • Do we have a space yet? Nope.
  • Do we have a schedule for drop-ins and classes? No.
  • Do we know what the benefits are of being a "Founding Member"? Not really.
  • Do we want you to start paying $20/month right now so that we can develop these things? Yes we do.
  • Will we make sure that you get value for your membership dollar? Yes we will.
  • What are you waiting for? Join the team, you know you want to. :)

What will the money be spent on? At this stage most of the money brought in will be spent on supplies for weekend drop-in workshops. The rest is to help us secure a location for a Makespace.

Get on the team and become a "Founding Member".
This is the only time to become a founding member. Once we open our doors it will be too late. Don't risk missing out, become a founding member today :)

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Corporate services, such as paypal and bank accounts, are provided for Coast Makers by Gibsons and District Chamber of Commerce